My Reflection

Overall, this teaching practice is very interesting and give a lot of benefit for my future. Joining this program also increase my communication skill and my cultural knowledge.

I can challenge and push myself to be a better teacher because there in ASU- Laboratory High School I have to teach the students with a one-step-forward knowledge, especially in English language.

I also amaze with the hospitality of the people there. They provide me like anything I need.

The teaching process there also make me think more creative and also make me realize that the process of being a good teacher is not that easy.

Teaching Practice; Topic 3

Done teaching my second topic, now I have to teach the next topic which is figurative language of Romeo and Juliet story.

The students are still remember about the story and I recall them first with several questions.

My first step of teaching is always motivational game. In this topic, I use table of guessing as my game. I describe the kinds of figurative language, then they will guess what are they.

Then, i want them to make a short diagram consist of the definition and also the example by their own. After that, they have to present the result infront of their friends.

To evaluate the meeting, i want them to write their own example individually in a piece of paper.

Teaching Practice; Topic 2

The second class was about the infinitives. Same as the previous class, i have to make a motivational game to increase the students’ interest with my materials.

In this class, my objectives are to make them recognize how to use infinitives, then they can write a sentence using infinitives and in the end of the class they can present a dialogue consist of infinitivesin pairs.

Teaching Practice; Topic 1

During the third week, my mentors give me the opportunity to teach the students in grade nine. They are so nice as i observed before.

While making my lesson plan, I have already choose what topics that i want to teach to the students there.

My first class was about the story of romeo and juliet. In this learning process, I want the students organize the sequence of idea/events of Romeo and Juliet then, Reflect on the characters in Romeo and Juliet story, and in the end of the class, i want them to Perform mini drama about Romeo and Juliet.

In this class, I use the cross-word game as the motivational game, so the students will be excited with the material that will be given. After doing the game, I gave them the short video about the story of romeo and juliet to recall their memories about the story that I gave the day before. The short video was done, and after that I want them to arrange the sequences of the story based on their knowledge.

The first class was done successfully but still need another time for performing the mini drama. They have to perform the mini drama in the next meeting.

Lesson Plan Preparation

In the second week, My mentor wants me to make the lesson plan after class observation. The lesson plan made there has some differences with Indonesian lesson plan. But, it is not a big deal because my mentors and my buddies help me a lot.

The content of the lesson plan should be as detail as possible in the learning activities. The writer should give the detail information even the teacher’s questions and students’ possible answers.

Firstly, my mentors want me to choose the topics and discuss with my buddies there. The topics should be discussed with the mentors first and also the writer should submit the lesson plan a day before they teach.